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Blue blooded royal body

Elegantly posed to death

12 January
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"I know everything about the Arctic. Come on, ask me a question."
"Do you like hammocks?"
"...I meant about the Arctic."

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So what do I like?

The Hives + The Grates + The Faint + The Shins + The Unicorns + Queens Of The Stone Age + Gorillaz + And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead + The Pillows + Dresden Dolls + Muse + The Arctic Monkeys + Cake + Beck + The Camels + Fiery Furnaces + The New Pornographers + The Eels + The Stone Roses + Queen + Presidents Of The U.S.A + Flogging Molly + The Living End + The Clash + Bloc Party + Oasis + The Prodigy + Burgers Of Beef + Willie Mason.
Beat them all together in a cake bowl and you've got one hell of a sound orgy.


The Breakfast Club + The Boondock Saints + Spirited Away + Kill Bill + The Lion King + Death Becomes Her + Charlie & The Chocolate Factory + Dogma + Spriggan + Vampire Hunter D + Blade + Repo Man + The Crow + Stay + Phantom Of The Opera + Finding Neverland + Dodgeball
Play them one after the other and you'll be sitting there for a shit-load of time.


The Wit'ch series + David Gemmell + Tamora Peirce + Sonya Hartnett + J.K Rowling + Tith + .....
Let's just add all the books from the local library and we're set :]

Oh, and The Mighty Boosh kicks all other T.V shows, and their mothers.

Other Things:

Music in general. Mmmhmm. Playing my [guitars=acoustic+electric] sporadically, never with skill, but at least some passion. I like to write. That doesn't mean I'm good at it. But I like to all the same.
I like my school. Even though it's cheep, rotten and run by idiots. I like the people who go there. And I like some of the teachers. It's a stereotypical school. Our classes are divided by your status within popularity, with suprisingly, the 'popular' people seated at the front of the class. From there you can slowly work your way to the back.
Where we sit.
I spend more time writing on my/other peoples arms and sleeping in class then paying attention. But I'm one of those awesome people who pass tests without studying.
My friends are everything.
And I know everbody and anyone write that. But Everybody and Anyone can go fuck themselves. Cause my friends are better than theirs. By 582934758923745 Kilometers and a shooting star